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Law Firms near Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Eklund-Easley and Associates
Address: 19111 W. Ten Mile Road, Suite 106, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48075
Practice:Criminal Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Trusts and Estates.
Establish Year:

The Law Firm of John F. Schaefer
Address: 380 North Old Woodward Avenue, Suite 320, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48009
Practice:Divorce, Family Law and Matrimonial Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation, Appellate Practice, Civil Appeals, Business Law, Business Dissolutions, Business Formation, Business Transfer, Business Valuation, Buying and Selling of Business, Closely Held Business Estate Planning, Children, Adoption Law, Child Custody, Child Custody Mediation, Child Support, Fathers Rights, Grandparents Custody, Grandparents Visitation Rights, Parental Rights, Parenting Time, Step Parent Adoptions, Termination of Parental Rights, Third Party Custody, Visitation Rights, Civil Practice, Federal Civil Practice, Contracts, Breach of Contract, Corporate Contracts, Corporate Formation, Family Corporations, Foreign Sales Corporations, Entertainment and the Arts, Entertainment Contracts, Alimony, Annulment, Cohabitation Agreements, Divorce Arbitration, Divorce Mediation, Taxation, Domestic Partnerships and Relations, Domestic Torts, Domestic Violence, Equitable Distribution, Family Arbitration, Family Mediation, Interstate Support, Marital Agreements, Marital Property Distribution, Marital Property Law, Marital Property Settlements, Name Changes, Non Traditional Family Law, Palimony, Paternity, Post Divorce Modification, Postnuptial Agreements, Premarital Agreements, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), Separation Agreements, Spousal Support, Franchises and Franchising, Automotive Franchises and Dealerships, Dealership Law, Guardianship and Conservatorship
Establish Year:

Law Offices of Shawn K. Ohl, PLLC
Address: P.O. Box 7871, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
Practice:Appellate Law, Business Law, Business Transactions, Contracts, Business Litigation, Family Business, Small Business Law, Incorporations, Criminal Law, Drunk Driving, Misdemeanors, Drug Crimes, Traffic Violations, Employment Law, Labor and Employment, Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Estate Litigation, Probate, Family Law, Divorce, Custody, Child Custody, Paternal Rights, Spousal Support, Alimony, Child Support, Visitation, Parenting Time, Adoptions, Pre-nuptial Agreements, Separation, Division of Property, Real Estate, Landlord and Tenant Law, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy.
Establish Year:

Bendure and Thomas
Address: 30700 Telegraph Road, Suite 3475, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48025
Practice:Appellate Practice, Arbitration, Asset Protection, Breach of Contract, Business Enterprises, Business Formation, Business Law, Small Business Law, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Closely Held Business Law, Commercial Law, ERISA, Employee Benefits, Employment Contracts, Estate Planning, Trusts and Estates, Wills and Probates, Estate Litigation, Will and Trust Contests, Property Tax, Estate and Gift Taxation, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Tax, Taxation, Property Tax, Income Tax, Insurance Bad Faith, Bad Faith Litigation, Tax Audits, Partnership Law, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Dog Bites, Slip and Fall, Police Misconduct, Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Securities, Securities Fraud, Conveyancing, Debt Relief, Tax Debt Relief, Commercial Litigation, Complex Litigation, Litigation, Contracts, Creditors Rights, Criminal Law, Tax Fraud, Debtor and Creditor, Investments, Legal Malpractice, Qui Tam, Inheritance Tax, Offer in Compromise, Audit, Refund Litigation, Installment Agreements, Injured Spouse, Innocent Spouse, Civil and Criminal Tax Fraud, Tax Court, Administrative Appeals, Uncollectible Status, Voluntary Disclosure, Third Party Collections, Retirement and Pension Plan Disputes, Credited Service Disputes, Retirement Benefit Discrimination, Breach of Fiduciary Duty.
Establish Year:

Reinheimer Law Office, PLC
Address: 7 West Square Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
Practice:Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Parenting Time/Visitation. Child Support, Alimony/Spousal Support, Property Division, Enforcement of Orders, Post-Judgment Modification, Paternity, Interstate Custody, Adoption; Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts, Advance Directives, Power of Attorney, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Probate Administration.
Establish Year:2003

Law Office of Starla D. Zehr PC
Address: Sashabaw Law Center 4345 Meigs Avenue, Suite B, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48329
Practice:Divorce; Family Law; Child Custody; Child Support; Alimony; Visitation Rights; Parenting Time; Post Judgment Matters; Legal Separation; Removal Of Domicile; Paternity; Separate Maintenance; Division Of Assets; Qualified Domestic Relations Order; Personal Protection Orders; Marriage Dissolution; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation; Marital Asset Division; Property Division; Judgment Enforcement.
Establish Year:

Law Offices of Peter C. Rageas and Associates, P.C.
Address: 400 Monroe Street, Suite 220, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48226
Practice:Securities Fraud; Securities Litigation; Stock Broker Misconduct; Stock Broker Malpractice; Limited Liability Company Law; Business Law; Closely Held Business Law; Small Business Law; Business Litigation; Business Formation; Buying and Selling of Businesses; Franchising; Employment Contracts; Breach of Contract; Collections; Contracts; Tax Appeals; Tax Audits; Tax Controversies; Tax Evasion; Tax Fraud; Taxation; Criminal Tax Audits; Accounting Law; Criminal Taxation; Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations; Civil Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Landlord and Tenant Law; Non-Profit; Commercial Law; Litigation; Mortgages.
Establish Year:

Address: 30100 Telegraph Road, Suite 317, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48025
Practice:Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Family Law, Post-Judgment Matters, Legal Separation, Change of Domicile, Stepparent Adoption, Paternity, Parenting Time, Visitation Rights, Separate Maintenance, Division of Assets, QDRO Division, Qualified Domestic Relations Order, Alimony, Spousal Support, Personal Protection Orders, Marriage Dissolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Marital Asset Division, Guardian Ad Litem, Guardianship, Property Division, Judgment Enforcement, Probate.
Establish Year:

Sue Ellen Eisenberg and Associates, P.C.
Address: 33 Bloomfield Hills Parkway, Suite 145, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Practice:Sexual Harassment, Employment Discrimination, Wrongful Discharge, Employment Contracts and Separation Agreements, Business Torts, Industrial Relations Audits, Preparation and Implementation of Employment Policies including Employee and Management Training, Conducting Workplace Investigations, Provision of Expert Opinions, Class Action Litigation, Facilitation and Mediation of Employment Disputes and Personal Injury.
Establish Year:

Kotz Sangster Wysocki P.C.
Address: 36700 Woodward Avenue, Suite 300, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Practice:Business Organization; Business Planning; Mergers And Acquisitions; Corporate Planning; Corporate Finance; Closely Held Corporations; Executive Compensation; Real Estate Development; Real Property Finance; Residential Real Estate Development; Zoning Law; Land Use; Environmental Law; Civil Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Appellate Practice; Construction Law; Construction Claims; Construction Arbitration; Construction Litigation; Labor Relations; Employment Law; Immigration Law; Taxation; Estate Planning; Probate Administration; Estate Administration; Trust Administration; Commercial Leasing; Commercial Workouts; Creditors Rights; Bankruptcy; Family Law; Business Succession Planning; Lending; Finance; Banking Law; Insurance; Insurance Defense; Maritime Law; Health Care; Hospital Law.
Establish Year:1978

McKelvie DeLuca, P.C.
Address: Wabeek Building 280 West Maple Road, Suite 300, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48009
Practice:Business and Commercial Law, Business Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Wills and Trusts, Estate Litigation and Real Estate Law.
Establish Year:

Bruce J. Thorburn, P.C.
Address: 2731 South Adams Road, Suite 100, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48309
Practice:Family Law, Real Estate, Criminal Law, Probate Law.
Establish Year:

Hess Law Group, PC
Address: 850 Stephenson Highway, Suite 405, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48083
Practice:Commercial Law; Estate Planning; Business Enterprises; General Business; Business Planning; Closely Held Business Law; Closely Held Business Consulting; Family Business Planning; Small Business Law; Employment Law; Construction Law; Litigation; Real Estate; Zoning Law; Tax Law; Land Use; Corporate Law; Llc; Partnership Law; Buying Or Selling A Business; Contracts; Lawsuits; Buying Selling; Commercial Leasing; Taxation; Family Law.
Establish Year:

Richard Segal and Associates, P.C.
Address: 6230 Orchard Lake Road, Suite 294, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48322
Practice:Real Estate; Corporate Law; Business Law; Commercial Litigation; Business Litigation; Collections; Debtor And Creditor; Employment Law; General Civil Practice; Landlord And Tenant Law; Tennant; Arbitration; Appellate Practice; Commercial Law; Small Business Law; Commercial Real Estate.
Establish Year:

Padilla Kostopoulos PLLC
Address: 1821 W. Maple Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48009
Practice:Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Bankruptcy, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Personal Injury, Birth Injuries, Slip and Fall, Automotive Accidents, Dog Bites, Construction Accidents, Construction Law, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Social Security, Breach of Contract, Business Enterprises, Business Formation, Business Law, Business Litigation, Business Planning, Small Business Law, Buying and Selling of Businesses, Civil Litigation, Commercial Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Real Estate, Complex Litigation, Entertainment Law, Estate Litigation, Estate Planning, Franchises and Franchising, Partnership Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Creditors Rights, Copyrights, Intellectual Property Licensing, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, Unfair Competition, Whistleblower Litigation, Real Estate, Landlord Tenant Law, Litigation.
Establish Year:

Law Offices of James D. Hubbert, PLC
Address: 2525 S. Telegraph Road, Suite 100, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
Practice:Experienced attorneys focusing in Divorce and Family Law (Custody, Support and Prenuptial Agreement), Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts and Probate Administration), Real Estate (Residential and Commercial Sale and Leasing, Landlord Tenant), Business Contracts, Serious Personal Injury (Wrongful Death, Auto Accidents, Premises Liability) and Criminal Law (Drunk Driving, Traffic Tickets, Misdemeanors and Felonies).
Establish Year:1988

Address: 3910 Telegraph Road, Suite 200, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
Practice:Divorce; Family Law; Adultery; Alimony; Annulment; Arrearages; Attorney Fees; Change Of Domicile; Children; Child Care; Child Custody; Child Custody Mediation; Change Of Child Custody; Child Dependency; Child Support; Child Support Modification; Children's Rights; Collaborative Family Law; Day Care; Divorce Arbitration; Divorce Mediation; Divorce Taxation; Domestic Relations; Domestic Violence; Enforcement Of Judgments; Equitable Distribution; Family Arbitration; Family Mediation; Fault; No-Fault; Fathers Rights; Grandparents Custody; Grandparents Visitation Rights; International Child Custody; Hague Convention; Interstate Child Custody; International Family Law; Interstate Support; Marital Agreements; Marital Property Distribution; Marital Property Law; Marital Property Settlements; Matrimonial Law; Parental Kidnapping; Parental Rights; Parenting Time; Paternity; Post Divorce Modification; Postnuptial Agreements; Premarital Agreements; Antenuptial Agreements; Personal Protection Orders; Division Of Retirement Accounts; Eligible Domestic Relations Order; EDRO's; Qualified Domestic Relations Orders; QDROs; Domestic Relations Orders; DRO's; Restraining Orders; Separation Agreements; Spousal Support; Spousal Support Modifications; Third Party Custody; UCCJEA; Uncontested Divorce; Visitation Rights; Family Law Appeals.
Establish Year:1982

The Arslanian Law Firm, P.C.
Address: 74 E. Long Lake Road, Suite 100, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Practice:Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration, Tax Planning, Corporate Law, Business Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Buy/Sell Planning, Wills, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Guardianship Administration, Conservatorship Administration, Ancillary Probate, Probate Administration, Probate Taxation, Trusts and Estates Taxation, Estate Tax Planning, Inheritance Tax Planning, Gift Tax Planning, Contested Trusts and Estates, Decedents Estates, Estate Administration, Estate Planning for Parents of Handicapped Children, Estate Planning for the Disabled, Estate Planning for the Elderly, Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples, Estate Planning for Life Partners, Estate Settlements, Trust Law, Trust Litigation, Trust Planning, Family Trusts, Living Trusts, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Contested Wills, Estate Litigation, Business Estate Planning, Business Enterprises, Business Formation, Business Development, Business Dissolutions, Business Organization, Business Planning, Business Start-Ups, Business Succession Planning, Business Taxation, Business Valuation, Buy-Sell Agreements, Buying and Selling of Businesses, Closely Held Business Estate Planning, Closely Held Business Law, Closely Held Business Taxation, Family Business Law, Family Business Successions, Joint Ventures, Limited Liability Company Law, Pass-Through Entities, Private Business Law, Professional Practices, Small Business Law, Sole Proprietorships, Commercial Law, Business Acquisitions, Business Divest
Establish Year:

Fryhoff and Lynch, PLLC
Address: 40701 Woodward Avenue, Suite 50, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303
Practice:Family Law, Litigation, Trial Practice, Real Estate, Trials and Appeals, Divorce, Pre Nuptial Agreements, Post Nuptial Agreements, Custody.
Establish Year:

Becker Legal, P.C.
Address: 33 Bloomfield Hills Parkway, Suite 270, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Practice:Divorce Collaborative Divorce “Kitchen Table” Mediation Scribing (sometimes referred to as “One Lawyer”) Post-Judgment Issues Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements Cohabitation Agreements Family Creation Agreements Partnership Dissolution Negotiations Unbundled Services
Establish Year:2002

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