Law Firms near Brooklyn, New York

Law Offices of Hersh Jakubowitz, P.L.L.C.
Address: 42-34 162nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11358
Practice:Bankruptcy; Family Law; Divorce; Child Custody; Child Support; Visitation Rights; Landlord And Tenant Law; Real Estate; Personal Injury.
Establish Year:

Curt Arnel
Address: 16 Court Street, Suite 1007, Brooklyn, NY 11241
Practice:Divorce, Family Law, Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Matrimonial, Separation Agreements, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Domestic Relations, Domestic Violence, Order of Protection, Alimony and Maintenance, Spousal Support, Annulments, Real Estate, Name Changes, Criminal Defense.
Establish Year:

Gary A. Farrell
Address: 305 Broadway, 14th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 10007
Practice:Criminal Law; Criminal Defense; Criminal Trial Practice; Criminal Appeals; Driving While Intoxicated; White Collar Crimes; Drug Crimes; Felonies; Misdemeanors; Bank Fraud; Business Crimes; Business Fraud; Bribery; Commercial Law; Commercial Crimes; Extortion; Kidnapping; Child Abuse and Neglect; Computer Crime; Internet Crimes; Controlled Substances Law; Drug Forfeiture; Drug Trafficking; Assault and Battery; Burglary; Civil Forfeiture; Criminal Conspiracy; Criminal Forfeiture; Criminal Fraud; Criminal Investigation; Drivers License Suspension; DUI/DWI; Electronic Surveillance; Extortion; Extradition; Federal Criminal Law; Forgery; Grand Jury Practice; Habeas Corpus; Hit and Run; Homicide; Mail Fraud; Manslaughter; Money Laundering; Murder; Parole and Probation; Post-Conviction Remedies; Rape; Search and Seizure; Sex Crimes; Sexual Assault; Shoplifting; Stalking; Theft; Traffic Violations; Vehicular Homicide; Weapons Charges; Wire Fraud; Wiretapping; Gambling Offenses; Obstruction of Justice; Automobile Fraud; Fraud; Identity Theft; Odometer Tampering; Government Investigations; Health Care Fraud; Insurance Fraud; Arson and Insurance Fraud; Medicare Fraud and Abuse; Professional Liability; Professional Sexual Misconduct; RICO; Criminal Enterprises Defense; Insider Trading; Securities Fraud; Tax Evasion; Tax Fraud; Counterfeiting; Embezzlement; White Collar Criminal Defense; White Collar Fraud; Trial Law; Criminal Litigation; False Confession; Gun Charges;
Establish Year:

Polizzotto and Polizzotto, LLC
Address: 6911 18th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204
Practice:Elder Law; Estate Planning; Estate Administration; Estate Litigation; Guardianship; Living Wills; Trusts; Estate Taxation; Tax Planning; Real Estate; Business Formation; Business Litigation; Corporate Law; Partnerships; Limited Liability Company Law; Family Law; Divorce; Child Custody; Child Support; Prenuptial; Equitable Distribution.
Establish Year:1962

Epstein and Conroy
Address: 410 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Practice:Criminal Law; Assault and Battery; Burglary; Criminal Appeals; Criminal Conspiracy; Criminal Defense; Criminal Fraud; Criminal Investigation; Drivers License Suspension; Driving While Intoxicated; DUI/DWI; Electronic Surveillance; Extortion; Extradition; Federal Criminal Law; Felonies; Forgery; Grand Jury Practice; Habeas Corpus; Hit and Run; Homicide; Mail Fraud; Malicious Prosecution; Manslaughter; Misdemeanors; Money Laundering; Murder; Parole and Probation; Post-Conviction Remedies; Search and Seizure; Sex Crimes; Sexual Assault; Shoplifting; Stalking; Theft; Traffic Violations; Vehicular Homicide; Weapons Charges; Wire Fraud; Wiretapping; Family Law; Domestic Violence; Visitation Rights; Restraining Orders; False Arrest; Police Brutality; Police Misconduct; Personal Injury; White Collar Crime; Embezzlement; White Collar Criminal Defense; White Collar Fraud; Juvenile Criminal Law.
Establish Year:

Costello and Costello, P.C.
Address: 5919 20th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204
Practice:Business Law, Business Dissolutions, Business Formation, Business Fraud, Business Litigation, Business Start-Ups, Buying and Selling of Businesses, Closely Held Business Law, Commercial Litigation, Breach of Contract, Commercial Contracts, Contracts Litigation, Corporate Law, Closely Held Corporations, Name Changes, Leases and Leasing, Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law, Commercial Leasing, Evictions, Rent Control, Litigation, Civil Litigation, Mortgage, Mortgage Finance, Mortgage Foreclosure, Mortgage Lien Foreclosure, Mortgage Refinancing, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents and Injuries, Automobile Negligence, Bodily Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Commercial Vehicle Liability, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries, Motorcycle Accidents, Pedestrian Injuries, Plaintiffs Personal Injury, Rental Vehicle Litigation, School Bus Accidents, Severe Burns, Slip and Fall, Third Party Wrongful Death, TMJ Dysfunction, Wrongful Death, Premises Liability, Negligent Security, Premises Security, Probate, Ancillary Leasing, Real Estate, Easements, Real Estate Contracts, Real Estate Foreclosure, Real Estate Leasing, Real Estate Litigation, Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Title, Real Estate Title Examination, Real Estate Title Insurance, Real Property, Residential Real Estate, Residential Real Estate Finance, Residential Real Estate Sales, Right of Way Easements, Trusts and Estates, Contested Trusts and Estates, Decedents Estates, Estate Administration, Estate Litigation,
Establish Year:1959

Lance Roger Spodek, P.C.
Address: 330 West 58th Street Suite 306, Brooklyn, NY 10019
Practice:Bankruptcy; Consumer Bankruptcy; Creditors Rights; Debtor's Rights; Chapter 7, 11 and 13.
Establish Year:

Frekhtman and Associates
Address: 60 Bay 26th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214
Practice:Personal Injury; Litigation; Automobile Accidents; Premises Liability; Medical Malpractice; Cerebral Palsy; Erb's Palsy; Birth Injuries; Brain Injury; Construction Accidents.
Establish Year:

David J. Hernandez and Associates
Address: 26 Court Street, Suite 2707, Brooklyn, NY 11242
Practice:Car Accidents; New York City Car Accidents; Brooklyn Car Accidents; Truck Accidents; Motorcycle Accidents; Bus and City Transit Accidents; Aviation Accidents; Types of Auto Accidents; Drunk Driver Accidents; Serious Car Accidents; Head-On Collisions; SUV Rollover Accidents; Pedestrian Accidents; New York Public Transportation Accidents; Train & Subway Accidents; Bus Accidents; Tour & Charter Bus Accidents; City Transit Accidents; Taxicab Accidents; Distracted Driver Accidents; Hands-Free Driving Accidents; Defective Highway/Roadway Design; Civil Rights; Police Brutality; False Arrests; Prison Guard Abuse; Premises Liability; Negligent Security; Slip and Fall Accidents; Dog Bites and Animal Attacks; Amusement Park Accidents; Workplace Injuries; Construction Accidents; Scaffolding Injuries; Collapsed Ceilings/Walls; Crane Accidents; Falling Objects; Personal Injury; Wrongful Death; Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); Dismemberment; Spinal Injuries; Scarring; Burn Injuries; Eye Injuries; Broken Bones and Fractures; Injuries to Children; Elevator Injuries; Defective Drugs and Defective Products; City Property Accidents; Housing Authority Accidents; New York City Park & Recreation Accidents; Lead Poisoning; Amputation; Medical Malpractice; Birth Injuries; Cerebral Palsy; Surgical Errors; Emergency Room Errors; Misdiagnosis/Failure to Diagnose; Anesthesia Errors; Hospital Negligence; Nursing Home Neglect, Abuse and Injuries; Family Law; Divorce; New York City Divorce;
Establish Year:1990

Susan F. Groberg
Address: 186 Joralemon Street, Suite 1010, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Practice:Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Estate Planning, Trusts and Estates, Wills, Probate, Estate Administration.
Establish Year:

Orlow Firm, The
Address: 7118 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY 11367
Practice:Personal Injuries; Construction Site Accidents; Slip; Trip; Fall; Rape; Assault in Premises; Products Liability; Wrongful Death; Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect; Elevator Accidents; Dog Bites; Lead Paint Poisoning; Civil Rights; Police Brutality; Police Misconduct; Assault and Battery; False Arrest; Prison Injuries; Personal Injury; Accidents; Animal Attacks; Aquatic Injuries; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Automobile Negligence; Bicycle Accidents; Boating Accidents; Bodily Injury; Brain Injury; Bus Accidents; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Catastrophic Injury; Commercial Vehicle Liability; Cumulative Trauma; Electrical Injury; Electromagnetic Field Litigation; Head Injury; Motorcycle Accidents; Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries; Pedestrian Injuries; Power Line Contact Injury; Psychological Injury; Rental Vehicle Litigation; School Bus Accidents; Severe Burns; Sexual Abuse; Spinal Injury; Subway Accidents; Third Party Wrongful Death; TMJ Dysfunction; Tourist Injuries; Traumatic Brain Injury; Unintended Acceleration; Whiplash; Workers Compensation 3rd party; Construction Accidents; Construction Defects; Construction Equipment Liability; Construction Products Liability; Scaffolding Liability; Airbag Injury; Bicycle Products Liability; Diet Drug Litigation; Explosions; Escalator Liability; Gas Explosions; Heart Device Litigation; Product Defects; Product Recall; Seat Belt Injury; Vehicle Rollovers; False Imprisonment; Law Enforcement; Lead Poisoning; Radiation Injury.
Establish Year:

Samuel A. Bernstein
Address: 26 Court Street, Suite 600, Brooklyn, NY 11242
Practice:Criminal Defense, False Arrest, Police Brutality, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Domestic Violence, Drug Crimes, Vehicle Seizure, Weapon Possession, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), License Suspension, License Revocation, Family Law, Child Support, Visitation Rights, Parental Rights, Real Estate Transactions, Deed Transfers, Co-Ops, Condominiums, Homes, Estates, Wills, Probate, Landlord and Tenant Law, Evictions, Gun Possession.
Establish Year:

Law Offices of Pamela S. Roth, Esq., P.C.
Address: 9118 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209
Practice:Personal Injury; Premises Liability; Automobile Accidents; Civil Litigation; Civil Rights Violations; Criminal Defense.
Establish Year:

Kahn, Gordon, Timko and Rodriques, P.C.
Address: 20 Vesey Street, Suite 300, Brooklyn, NY 10007
Practice:Negligence; Accidents; Personal Injury; Construction Accidents; Work Injury; Bus Accidents; Automobile Accidents; Wrongful Death; Car Accidents; Products Liability; Mass Torts; Class Actions; Slip And Fall; Motor Vehicle Accidents; Aviation Accidents; Motorcycle Accidents; Railroad Accidents And Injuries; Subway Accidents; Machinery Accidents; Maritime Accidents; Premises Liability; Medical Malpractice; Occupational Safety And Health; Industrial Accidents; Occupational Injuries; OSHA; Pedestrian Injuries; Commercial Vehicle Liability; Boating Accidents; Brain Injury; Bodily Injury; Head Injury; Motor Vehicle Accidents And Injuries; Plaintiffs Personal Injury; Spinal Injury; Traumatic Brain Injury; Highway Design Liability; Truck Accidents.
Establish Year:

The Law Office of Gregory Messer
Address: 26 Court Street, Suite 2400, Brooklyn, NY 11242
Practice:Bankruptcy; Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
Establish Year:

Silberstein, Awad and Miklos, P.C.
Address: 185 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Practice:Medical Malpractice, Birth Trauma, Obstetric Malpractice, Oncology Law, Pediatric Malpractice, Surgeon's Liability, Orthopedic Malpractice, Nursing Malpractice, Dental Malpractice, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Brain Injury, Motorcycle Accidents, Repetitive Stress Injury, Slip and Fall, Wrongful Death, Construction Accidents, Hospital Negligence, False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Municipal Liability, Premises Liability, Negligence, Products Liability, Highway Design Liability.
Establish Year:

Ronald C. Burke Attorney at Law
Address: 140 Broadway, 37th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 10005
Practice:Automobile Accidents and Injuries, Personal Injury, Construction Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Dental Malpractice, Legal Malpractice, Disability Benefits.
Establish Year:

Thompson Wigdor and Gilly LLP
Address: 85 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 10003
Practice:Employment Law, Sports and Entertainment Law, Criminal Law, Civil and Criminal Trial Practice, Complex Litigation and Class Actions, Executive Compensation, Employment and Severance Agreements, Civil Rights, White Collar Criminal Defense, International Labor and Employment Law.
Establish Year:

The Edelsteins, Faegenburg and Brown LLP
Address: 61 Broadway, Suite 2210, Brooklyn, NY 10006
Practice:Matrimonial and Family Law, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Car Accidents, Car Wrecks, Bus Accidents, Truck Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Train Accidents, Train Wrecks, Slip and fall, Wrongful Death, Dog Bites, Construction Accidents, Boating Accidents, Aviation Accidents, Airplane Crash, Scaffolding Accidents, Workplace Injury, Crane Accidents, Helicopter Crash Litigation, Maritime Personal Injury, Injury, Matrimonial Law, Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Separation, Child Support, Visitation Rights, Paternity, Prenuptial Agreements, Spousal Support, Domestic Partnerships, Fathers Rights, Asset Recovery.
Establish Year:

Montfort, Healy, McGuire and Salley LLP
Address: 1140 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11530
Practice:General, Trial and Appellate Practice with emphasis on Tort Law including Professional and Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Toxic Torts, Toxic Substances, Environmental and Industrial Disease and Life Insurance Law.
Establish Year:

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