Law Firms near Detroit, Michigan

Saretsky Hart Michaels and Gould PC
Address: 995 South Eton, Detroit, MI 48009
Practice:Securities and Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, Directors and Officers Errors and Omissions, Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Establish Year:

Riley and Hurley, P.C.
Address: 19853 Outer Drive, Suite 100, Detroit, MI 48124
Practice:General Civil Practice, Corporate, Litigation, Employment, Personal Injury, Labor Relations, Consumer, Health Care, Insurance, Medical Negligence, Product Liability, Facilitation, Mediation and Arbitration.
Establish Year:

Jonathan M. Jones
Address: 17000 West Ten Mile Road, 2nd Floor, Detroit, MI 48075
Practice:Driving While Intoxicated, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Drug Crimes, Felonies, Domestic Violence, Assault and Battery, Sex Crimes, Child Abuse and Neglect, Homicide, Murder, Manslaughter, Theft, Embezzlement, Identity Theft, Liquor Licensing, Drivers License Suspension, Parole and Probation, Traffic Violations, White Collar Crime.
Establish Year:

Frank D. Eaman PLLC
Address: 645 Griswold Street, Suite 3060, Detroit, MI 48226
Practice:Criminal Law, White Collar Crimes, Drug Crimes, Health Care Fraud, Tax Fraud Homicide, Sex Crimes, Appeals.
Establish Year:

Robert L. Hindelang, P.C.
Address: 18430 Mack Avenue, Detroit, MI 48236
Practice:Business Planning; Commercial Litigation; Customs Law; US Customs; Labor and Employment; Contracts; Finance; Debtor and Creditor Collections; Estate Planning; Wills; Trusts; Probate; Taxation.
Establish Year:

Robert J. Cucco, P.C.
Address: 74 West Long Lake Road, Suite 203, Detroit, MI 48304
Practice:General Civil Practice in all State and Federal Courts. Business Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Construction Law, Commercial Law, Divorce, Family Law, Wills and Probate, Personal Injury, Landlord and Tenant, Contracts, Debtor and Creditor, Estate Planning.
Establish Year:

Mancini, Schreuder, Kline and Conrad, P.C.
Address: 28225 Mound Road (between I-696 and 12 Mile), Detroit, MI 48092
Practice:Social Security, Workers Compensation, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, Vehicle Collisions, Industrial Injuries, Wrongful Death, Injuries caused by Dogs and Other Animals, Fall Injuries, Injuries caused by Unsafe Products, Intentional Assaults Resulting in Injuries, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect, Criminal Law, Traffic Violations, DWI, White-Collar Crime, Sexual Harassment, Drug Crimes, Domestic Violence, Violent Crimes, Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation Rights, Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Adoptions, Insurance, Bankruptcy, Contracts and Business Formation, Real Estate, Civil Rights, Discrimination , Wrongful Termination/Employment Law, Police Misconduct.
Establish Year:

Wilson Rode, PLLC
Address: 2250 Butterfield Drive, Suite 220, Detroit, MI 48084
Practice:Business, Contracts, Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Corporate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Elder Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Appellate, Commercial Law, Employee Benefits, Civil Trial.
Establish Year:

Shifman and Carlson, P.C.
Address: 31700 Middlebelt Road, Suite 126, Detroit, MI 48334
Practice:Municipal Law, School Law, Education Law, Municipal Finance, Bond Counsel, Discrimination Law, Special Education Law, Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Probate, Elder Law, Labor Law, Employment Law, Corporate Law, Business Law, Commercial Law, Appellate Law, Governmental Law, Real Estate Law, Arbitration, Administrative Law, Franchising Law, Construction Law.
Establish Year:

Jonathan B. Frank, P.C.
Address: 121 West Long Lake Road, Suite 200, Detroit, MI 48304
Practice:Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration; Mediation; Appellate Practice; Civil Appeals; Business Law; Business Arbitration; Business Dissolutions; Business Fraud; Business Litigation; Business Mediation; Business Torts; Civil Practice; Federal Civil Practice; Commercial Law; Commercial Arbitration; Commercial Bad Faith; Commercial Fraud; Commercial Liability; Commercial Litigation; Commercial Mediation; Commercial Torts; Complex and Multi-District Litigation; Contracts; Breach of Contract; Contract Litigation; Contract Fraud; Copyrights; Copyright Infringement; Copyright Litigation; Corporate Law; Corporate Dissolutions; Corporate Litigation; Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property Arbitration; Intellectual Property Infringement; Intellectual Property Litigation; Libel, Slander and Defamation; Defamation; Libel and Slander; Libel Defense; Media Libel; Litigation; Civil Litigation; Complex Litigation; Federal Civil Litigation; Federal Litigation; Trial Practice; Real Estate; Real Estate Arbitration; Real Estate Litigation; Real Estate Mediation; Torts; Civil Liability; Intentional Torts; Tort Liability; Tort Defense; Trade Secrets; Theft of Trade Secrets; Trade Secret Misappropriation; Trademarks; Counterfeiting; Lanham Act; Service Marks; Trade Dress; Trade Names; Trademark Arbitration; Trademark Infringement; Trademark Litigation; Unfair Competition; Zoning, Planning and Land Use; Land Use Litigation.
Establish Year:

Ribitwer and Sabbota, LLP
Address: 26862 Woodward Avenue, Suite 200, Detroit, MI 48067
Practice:Criminal Law; Capital Offenses; Felonies; Misdemeanors; White Collar Crime; Juvenile Justice; Violent Crimes; Sex Offenses; Drugs And Narcotics; Narcotic; Vehicular Crimes; Domestic Violence; Juvenile Criminal Law; Driving While Intoxicated; Sex Crimes; Murder; Murder-For-Hire; Kidnapping; Assault And Battery; Self-Defense; Armed Citizens; CCW; CPL Law; Robbery; Armed Robbery; Home Invasion; Arson And Insurance Fraud; Weapons Possession; Gun Possession; Drug Sale; Possession; Narcotics Trafficking; Conspiracy; Firearms; Gun; Weapons Trafficking; Criminal Organizations; Reckless Endangerment; Sexual Assault; PPO Violations; Fleeing; Eluding; Grand Larceny; Retail Fraud; Auto-Theft; Stolen Property; Contempt; White-Collar Fraud; Marriage Fraud; Visa Fraud; Tax Fraud; Corporate Fraud; Threatening Communications; Computer Crime; Internet Crimes; Immigration Law; Alien Smuggling; Deportation; Removal; National Security; Terrorism Law; Official Misconduct; Corruption; Civil Forfeiture; Forensic Medicine; Pre-; Post-Arrest Situational Management; Post-Charge Negotiations; Voluntary Surrender; Immunity; Grand Jury Subpoenas; Material Witnesses; Statements To The Authorities; Initial Appearance; Preliminary Exam; Arraignment; Detention; Bond Hearings; Discovery; Suppression Of Evidence; Plea-Bargains; Trial Practice; Post-Trial Motions; Sentencing; Appellate Practice; Post-Sentencing Motions; Probation; Parole Revocation; Expungements; Business Law; Business Fraud;
Establish Year:

Suzanna Kostovski
Address: 220 Bagley, Suite 1015, Detroit, MI 48226
Practice:Criminal Defense, State and Federal Drug Cases, Family Law, Divorce, Tax, White Collar Crime, Traffic Violations, Federal and State, Labor and Employment, Employment Discrimination, Commercial Litigation, Appellate Practice, Real Estate, Probate.
Establish Year:2001

Russell F. Ethridge, Esq.
Address: 24053 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI 48080
Practice:Commercial Litigation, Trial Practice, Transactional Work, Business Law, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Insurance Defense, Criminal Law.
Establish Year:

Norton and Norton
Address: 199 Pierce, Suite 202, Detroit, MI 48009
Practice:Affirmation Action; Arbitration; Asset Protection; Asset Recovery; Automobile Accidents; Banking Law; Bankruptcy; Bankruptcy Chapter 11; Bankruptcy Chapter 7; Breach Of Contracts; Business Enterprises; Business Formation; Business Law; Business Litigation; Business Planning; Buying And Selling Of Businesses; Child Custody; Child Support; Civil Litigation; Closely Held Business Law; Collections; Commercial Bankruptcy; Commercial Law; Commercial Leasing; Commercial Litigation; Commercial Real Estate; Complex Litigation; Construction Law; Consumer Bankruptcy; Consumer Law; Contracts; Conveyancing; Corporate Law; Credit Repair; Creditors Rights; DUI/DWI; Debtor And Creditor; Discrimination; Divorce; Drivers License Suspension; Employment Contracts; Entertainment Law; Estate Planning; Family Law; Foreclosures; Labor And Employment; Landlord And Tenant Law; Limited Liability Company Law; Litigation; Mergers And Acquisitions; Misdemeanors; Mortgages; Personal Injury; Real Estate; Sexual Harassment; Slip And Fall; Small Business Law; Spousal Support; Traffic Violations; Trust Law; Trusts And Estates; Wage And Hour Law; Hour Actions; Whistleblower; Wrongful Death; Wrongful Termination.
Establish Year:

Deneweth, Dugan and Parfitt, P.C.
Address: 1175 West Long Lake Road, Suite 202, Detroit, MI 48098
Practice:Construction, Surety, Employment Law, Real Estate, Corporation, Insurance, Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, Tax Planning, Qualified Plans, Estate Planning and Probate.
Establish Year:

Berry, Reynolds and Rogowski, PC
Address: 33493 W. 14 Mile Road, Suite 100, Detroit, MI 48331
Practice:Eminent Domain, Zoning and Municipal Law, Land Use, Property Tax Appeals.
Establish Year:

Michigan Auto Law
Address: Buhl Building, Detroit, MI 48334
Practice:Auto Accidents, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury, Head Injuries, Spinal Injuries, Wrongful Death, No Fault Law.
Establish Year:1952

Edward C. Wishnow
Address: 240 Daines Street, Detroit, MI 48009
Practice:Criminal Trial and Appellate Practice in all State and Federal Courts. White Collar Crime, Fraud, Drug Crimes, Thefts, Assaults, Firearms, Felonies, Misdemeanors, DUI/DWI.
Establish Year:

Law Office of John Freeman
Address: Venture Plaza, Suite 270 3150 Livernois Road, Detroit, MI 48083
Practice:Murder, Attempted Murder, Murder-for-Hire, Kidnapping, Assault, Self-Defense, Armed Citizens, CCW/CPL Law, Robbery, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion, Arson, Weapons Possession, Gun Possession, Drug Sale and Possession, Narcotics Trafficking, Conspiracy, Firearms/Gun/Weapons Trafficking, Criminal Organizations, Reckless Endangerment, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, PPO Violations, Fleeing and Eluding, Grand Larceny, Retail Fraud, Auto-Theft, Stolen Property, Contempt, White-Collar Fraud, Marriage Fraud, Visa Fraud, Tax Fraud, Corporate Fraud, Threatening Communications, Computer Crime, Internet Crime, Immigration, Alien Smuggling, Deportation and Removal, National Security and Terrorism, Official Misconduct, Corruption, Civil Forfeiture, Forensic Medicine, Pre- and Post-Arrest Situational Management, Pre- and Post-Charge Negotiations, Voluntary Surrender, Immunity, Grand Jury Subpoenas, Material Witnesses, Statements to the Authorities, Initial Appearance, Preliminary Exam, Arraignment, Detention/Bond Hearings, Discovery, Suppression of Evidence, Plea-Bargains, Trial, Post-Trial Motions, Sentencing, Appeals, Post-Sentencing Motions, Probation and Parole Revocation, Expungement. Business Law, Business Fraud, Children, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse and Neglect, Civil Rights, Personal Rights, Commercial Law, Bribery, Commercial Crimes, Commercial Fraud, Constitutional Law, Fifth Amendment Law, Fourth Amendment Law, Corporate Law, Corporate Criminal Law, Crimi
Establish Year:

The Law Offices of John R. Monnich, P.C.
Address: 306 S. Washington Avenue, Suite 207, Detroit, MI 48067
Practice:Insurance, Medical Malpractice Defense, Professional Liability, Tort Litigation, Construction Law, Business Law.
Establish Year:

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