Matthew J. Ruff, Law Firm
Criminal Law; Driving While Intoxicated of both Alcohol and Drugs; Drug Crimes; Serious and Violent Felonies; Ho...
Phone:661-327-7833, 661-859-1247
Address: 1412 17th Street, Suite 555, Bakersfield, CA 93301
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1. Matthew J. Ruff
Title: Attorney at Law
Law School: University of the Pacific, J.D., 1995
College: California State University, Fresno, B.S., 1991
Admitted: University of the Pacific, J.D., 1995
Practice Area: Criminal Defense(1%); Criminal Law(1%); Driving While Intoxicated(1%); Drug Crimes(1%); Felonies(1%); Homicide(1%); Parole and Probation(1%); Sexual Assault(1%); Traffic Violations(1%); Juvenile Law(1%); Misdemeanors(1%); DUI(1%); Driving under the Influence(1%); Domestic Violence(1%); Assault(1%); Molestation(1%); Child Abuse(1%); Theft(1%); Burglary(1%); Internet Crimes(1%); Restraining Orders(1%); Dependency Law(1%); White Collar Crime(1%); Wiretapping(1%); Wire Fraud(1%); Weapons Charges(1%); Vehicular Homicide(1%); Sex Crimes(1%); Search and Seizure(1%); Post-Conviction Remedies(1%); Murder(1%); Manslaughter(1%); Malicious Prosecution(1%); Mail Fraud(1%); International Extradition(1%); International Criminal Law(1%); Habeas Corpus(1%); Forgery(1%); Forensic Science(1%); Forensic Medicine(1%); Forensic DNA(1%); Forensic Accounting(1%); Federal Criminal Law(1%); Extradition(1%); Extortion(1%); DUI/DWI(1%); Drivers License Suspension(1%); Criminal Investigation(1%); Criminal Fraud(1%); Criminal Forfeiture(1%); Criminal Conspiracy(1%); Criminal Appeals(1%); Criminal Antitrust(1%); Civil Forfeiture(1%); Assault and Battery(1%)
Membership: Kern County and Los Angeles Bar Associations; State Bar of California; National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice.

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