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Axelson, Williamowsky, Bender and Fishman, P.C.
Address: 1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 650, Germantown, MD 20852
Practice:Family Law; Alimony; Collaborative Family Law; Divorce; Divorce Arbitration; Divorce Mediation; Domestic Relation; Equitable Distribution; International Family Law; Interstate Support; Marital Agreements; Marital Property Distribution; Marital Property Law; Marital Property Settlements; Matrimonial Law; Military Divorce; Non-Traditional Family Law; Palimony; Paternity; Post Divorce Modification; Postnuptial Agreements; Premarital Agreements; Restraining Orders; Separation Agreements; Spousal Support; Uncontested Divorce; Children; Child Custody; Child Custody Mediation; Child Support; Grandparents Custody; Grandparents Visitation Rights; International Child Abduction; International Child Custody; Interstate Child Custody; Parental Kidnapping; Parental Rights; Parenting Time; Third Party Custody; Visitation Rights; Personal Injury; Accidents; AIDS Litigation; Animal Attacks; Aquatic Injuries; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Automobile Negligence; Bicycle Accidents; Boating Accident; Bodily Injury; Brain Injury; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Catastrophic Injury; Commercial Vehicle Liability; Cumulative Trauma; Dog Bites; Electrical Injury; Electromagnetic Field Litigation; Head Injury; Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries; Motorcycle Accidents; Neuro Law; Pedestrian Injuries; Personal Injury Appeals; Personal Injury Arbitration; Personal Injury Defense; Personal Injury Mediation; Plaintiffs Personal Injury; Power Line Contract Injury; Psychological Injury; Rent
Establish Year:

Catherine R. Mack
Address: 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 800 W, Germantown, MD 20814
Practice:Estate Planning, Tax and Business Succession Planning, Trust Creation and Implementation, Life Insurance Trusts, Trust and Estate Administration, Real Estate, Business Law, Retirement Planning, Estate and Gift Taxation, Elder Law, Wills, Probate, Contested Wills.
Establish Year:

The Law Office of Donna E. Van Scoy, L.L.C.
Address: 50 West Montgomery Avenue, Suite 105, Germantown, MD 20850
Practice:Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Best Interest Attorney, Support, Visitation, Step Parent Adoption, Marital Property Settlements, Alimony, Domestic Violence, Name Changes, Post Divorce Modifications, Separation Agreements, Grandparent Visitation, Collaborative Law, Mediation, and Trustee of Sale of Property.
Establish Year:

Gill Sippel and Gallagher
Address: The B&O Railroad Station 98 Church Street, Germantown, MD 20850
Practice:Business Law, Business Formation, Business Litigation, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions, Civil Appeals, Appellate Practice, Contracts, Contract Disputes, Licensing Agreements, Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademark, Employment Law, Trusts and Estates, Trusts and Estates Litigation, Estate Planning, Wills and Probate, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI, Drug Crimes, Juvenile Crimes, Misdemeanors, Mediation/Arbitration.
Establish Year:

Gimmel, Weiman, Ersek, Blomberg and Lewis, P.A.
Address: 4 Professional Drive, Suite 145, Germantown, MD 20879
Establish Year:

The Gohari Law Firm, LLC
Address: , Germantown, MD
Practice:Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Chapter 7, Bankruptcy Chapter 11, Bankruptcy Chapter 13, Business Valuation, Business Transactions, Family Law, Divorce, Alimony, Child Support, Custody, Immigration and Naturalization, Asylum, Citizenship, Deportation, Employment Visas, Immigration Law, Investor Visas, Permanent Visas, Removal Proceedings, Visas.
Establish Year:

Greenberg, Felsen and Sargent, L.L.C.
Address: 600 Jefferson Plaza, Suite 201, Germantown, MD 20852
Practice:Civil, Criminal Trial Practice. Corporate, Personal Injury, Family, Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Marital Property, Employment, Discrimination, Business Litigation, Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Termination, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Estates and Trusts.
Establish Year:

Haspel and McLeod, P.C.
Address: 77 South Washington Street, Suite 200, Germantown, MD 20850
Practice:Civil Trial Practice; Family Law; Divorce; Child Custody; Visitation Rights; Marital Property Law; Separation Agreements; Paternity; Premarital Agreements; Post Nuptial Agreements; Interstate Custody Disputes; Family Law Mediation; Domestic Violence; Alimony; Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Establish Year:

The Law Office of Henry C. Clarke, Jr., P.A.
Address: 6 Montgomery Village Avenue, Suite 510, Germantown, MD 20879
Practice:Estate Planning; Trust Planning; Wills; Real Estate; Business Law; Probate; Ancillary Probate; Probate Administration; Probate Taxation; Adverse Possession; Boundary Disputes; Conveyancing; Land Acquisitions; Land Sales; Real Estate Acquisitions; Real Estate Banking Law; Real Estate Brokerage Law; Real Estate Brokers; Agent Liability; Real Estate Brokerage Licensing; Real Estate Brokers Malpractice; Real Estate Contracts; Real Estate Exchanges; Real Estate Finance; Real Estate Foreclosure; Real Estate Investment; Real Estate Joint Ventures; Real Estate Leasing; Real Estate Mediation; Real Estate Partnerships; Real Estate Restructuring; Real Estate Sales; Real Estate Secured Lending; Real Estate Settlements; Real Estate Title; Real Estate Title Examination; Real Estate Title Insurance; Real Property; Real Property Acquisitions; Real Property Finance; Residential Real Estate; Residential Real Estate Acquisitions; Residential Real Estate Finance; Residential Real Estate Sales; Right Of Way Easements; Trusts And Estates; Decedents Estates; Estate Administration; Estate Planning For Parents Of Handicapped Children; Estate Planning For The Disabled; Estate Planning For The Elderly; Estate Planning For Unmarried Couples; Estate Settlements; Family Trusts; Family Wealth Transfer; Fiduciary Law; Fiduciary Liability; Personal Planning; Pet Trusts; Retirement Planning; Special Needs Trusts; Trust Administration; Trust Law; Wealth Preservation; Business Associations L
Establish Year:

Landeo and Capriotti, LLC
Address: 13-15 East Deer Park Drive, Suite 201, Germantown, MD 20877
Practice:Immigration and Naturalization, Criminal Defense, Traffic Violations, DUI/DWI, MVA Hearings, Violations of Probation, Business Organization and Formation, Contracts; Leases, Deeds, Wills, Uncontested Divorce.
Establish Year:

Magazine and Hillman, P.C.
Address: 611 Rockville Pike, Suite 100, Germantown, MD 20852
Practice:Real Estate, Real Estate Closings, Landlord and Tenant Law, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Lending, Shopping Center Law, Construction Law, Contractor Disputes, Mechanic Liens, Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law, Landlord Representation, Title and Lender Defense, Family Law, Divorce, Custody, Adoption, Visitation, Marital Property, Separation, Guardianships, Domestic Violence, Alimony, Commercial Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy, Creditor's Rights, Personal Injury, General Litigation.
Establish Year:

Miller, Miller and Canby Chartered
Address: 200-B Monroe Street, Germantown, MD 20850
Practice:Appellate Practice, Business Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Debtor and Creditor Law, Eminent, Domain, Estate Planning, Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Personal Injury, Property Tax Appeals, Real Estate, Taxation, Trusts and Estates, Wills and Probate, Zoning, Planning and Land Use.
Establish Year:

Paul Victor Jorgensen Attorney at Law
Address: 215 West Main Street P.O. Box 850, Germantown, MD 21769
Practice:Adoption Law, Agency Adoptions, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Child Abduction, Child Abuse and Neglect, Child Advocacy, Child Care, Child Custody, Mediation, Child Dependency, Child Protection, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Support, Child Welfare, Children's Rights, Day Care, Fathers Rights, Foster Care, Grandparents Custody, Grandparents Visitation Rights, Independent Adoptions, International Adoptions, International Child Abduction, International Child Custody, Interstate Adoptions, Interstate Child Custody, Juvenile Criminal Law, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Law, Orphans Court Practice, Parental Kidnapping, Parental Rights, Parenting Time, Private Adoptions, Step Parent Adoptions, Surrogacy Law, Termination of Parental Rights, Third Party Custody, Visitation Rights, Family Law, Alimony, Annulment, Cohabitation Agreements, Collaborative Family Law, Community Property Law, Divorce, Divorce Arbitration, Divorce Mediation, Divorce Taxation, Domestic Partnerships, Domestic Relations, Domestic Torts, Domestic Violence, Equitable Distribution, Family Arbitration, Family Mediation, Gay and Lesbian Family Law, International Family Law, Interstate Support, Marital Agreements, Marital Property Distribution, Marital Property Law, Marital Property Settlements, Matrimonial Bankruptcy Law, Matrimonial Law, Military Divorce, Name Changes, Non-Traditional Family Law, Palimony, Paternity, Post Divorce Modification, Postnuptial Agreements, Premarital Agreements, Qualifi
Establish Year:

Richard S. Stern
Address: 419 Seventh Street NW, Suite 405, Germantown, MD 20004
Practice:Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Business Formation, Small Business Law, Corporations, LLC's, Sole Proprietorship, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Premises Liability, Slip and Fall, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents, Whiplash, Back Injury, Neck Injury, Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI, Traffic Violations, Drug Crimes, Weapons Charges, Misdemeanors, Felonies.
Establish Year:

The Law Offices of David C. Gardner
Address: Jefferson Plaza Building 600 Jefferson Plaza, Suite 308, Germantown, MD 20852
Practice:Condominium Association, Homeowners Association Law, Real Estate Litigation, Settlements, Zoning, Family Law, Divorce, Separation, Custody, Visitation, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Criminal Law.
Establish Year:

Severn, O'Connor and Kresslein, P.A.
Address: South Market Center 50 Carroll Creek Way, Suite 340, Germantown, MD 21701
Practice:Administrative Agency Practice, Administrative Hearings and Appeals, Alcoholic Beverage Control, Liquor Licensing, Local Liquor Options, Arbitration, Mediation, Bank Foreclosures, Commercial Banking, Commercial Loans, Loan Workouts, Loan Restructuring, Secured Lending, Business Associations Law, Business Development, Business Dissolutions, Business Enterprises, Business Estate Planning, Business Formation, Business Litigation, Business Mediation, Business Organization, Business Planning, Business Regulation, Business Start-Ups, Business Succession Planning, Business Successions, Business Transactions, Business Transfers, Buy-Sell Agreements, Buying and Selling of Businesses, Closely Held Business Estate Planning, Closely Held Business Law, Complex Business Litigation, Entrepreneurial Business Law, Family Business Law, Family Business Mediation, Family Business Successions, International Business Law, Joint Ventures, Limited Liability Company Law, Minority Business Law, Pass-Through Entities, Private Business Law, Professional Practices, Small Business Law, Sole Proprietorships, Strategic Alliances, Commercial Collections, Post Judgment Collections, Professional Collections, Secured Collections, Commercial Bad Faith, Commercial Liability, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Mediation, Commercial Transactions, Commercial Transfers, International Sale of Goods, Sale of Goods, Secured Transactions, Uniform Commercial Code, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Conv
Establish Year:

Law Offices of Lynndolyn Mitchell P.C.
Address: 401 East Jefferson Street, Suite 201, Germantown, MD 20850
Practice:Reckless Driving, Driving Under the Influence, Theft, Divorce, Child Custody, Contempt, Juvenile.
Establish Year:

Stein Sperling Bennett De Jong Driscoll PC
Address: 25 West Middle Lane, Germantown, MD 20850
Practice:General Practice; Civil Law; Criminal Law; Federal Practice; Business Law; Business Formation; Buying And Selling Of Businesses; Business Valuation; Business Appraisals; Commercial Law; Contracts; Corporate Law; White Collar Crime; Business Fraud; Employment Law; Wrongful Termination; Employment Discrimination; Tax Law; Estate Planning; Family Law; Labor And Employment; Labor and Employment; Landlord And Tenant Law; Tenant Leases; Partnerships; Personal Injury; Probate; Real Estate; Taxation; Wills; Technology Law; Business Dissolutions; Business Estate Planning; Business Organization; Business Planning; Business Reorganization; Business Start-Ups; Business Succession Planning; Business Successions; Business Taxation; Business Transactions; Business Transfers; Family Business Law; Family Business Successions; Limited Liability Company Law; Small Business Law; Child Advocacy; Child Custody; Child Support; Commercial Real Estate; Divorce; Collaborative Family Law; Premarital Agreements; Postnuptial Agreements; Litigation; Civil Litigation; Mergers and Acquisitions; Municipal Law; Automobile Accidents and Injuries; Accidents; Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries; Plaintiffs Personal Injury; Wrongful Death; Slip and Fall; Tax Valuation; Trusts and Estates Taxation; Trusts and Estates; Estate Administration; Trust Administration; Trust Planning.
Establish Year:

Law Offices of Thomas M. McCartin
Address: 51 Monroe Street, Suite 1407, Germantown, MD 20850
Practice:Trusts and Estates, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Estate and Gift Taxation, Personal and Fiduciary Income Taxation, Wealth Preservation, Living Trusts, Wills, Family Business, Succession Planning, Probate, Tax Law, Tax Planning, Business Formation, Buying and Selling of Businesses, Elder Law, Medicaid Planning, Nursing Home Placement, Guardianships, Will Contests, Civil Litigation.
Establish Year:

Sullivan, Talbott and Batt
Address: 77 South Washington Street, Suite 304, Germantown, MD 20850
Practice:Employment Law, Wrongful Termination, Wage and Hour Law, Age Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Employee Rights, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Automobile Accidents and Injuries, Truck Accident, Wrongful Death, Motorcycle Accidents, Bodily Injury, Civil Litigation, Premises Liability, Products Liability.
Establish Year:

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