Law Firms near Ashland, Kentucky

Williams, Hall & Latherow, LLP
Address: 1505 Carter Avenue, Suite 200, Ashland, KY 41105
Practice:General Civil Practice, Trial Practice, Insurance Defense, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Corporate Law, Banking Law, Probate Wills, Trusts, Adoption Law, Arbitration, Mediation, Appellate Practice, Medical Malpractice Defense, Child Custody, Divorce, Child Support, Domestic Relations, Slip & Fall
Establish Year:

VanAntwerp Attorneys, LLP
Address: 1544 Winchester Avenue, Fifth Floor, Ashland, KY 41105-1111
Practice:General Civil Practice, Probate, Administrative Law, Labor And Employment, Corporate Law, Legislative Practice, Government Affairs, Real Estate, Banking Law, Insurance, Environmental Law, Mineral Law, Trial Practice, Insurance Defense, Personal Injury, Asbestos Litigation, Toxic Torts, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice Defense, Hospital Law, Unemployment, Workers Compensation
Establish Year:

Matthew J. Wixsom
Address: 1544 Winchester Avenue, Suite 612, Ashland, KY 41105-1790
Practice:General Practice, Corporate Law, Banking Law, Real Estate, Creditor Bankruptcy, Collections, Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Litigation, Probate
Establish Year:

Martin and Vincent, P.S.C.
Address: 431 Sixteenth Street P.O. Box 2528, Ashland, KY 41105
Practice:General Practice; Civil Law; Personal Injury; Automobile Accidents; Wrongful Death; Slip And Fall; Product Liability; Insurance; Municipal Law; Commercial Litigation; Subrogation; Family Law; Divorce; Domestic Relations; Trial Practice; Appellate Practice.
Establish Year:

Law Office of Michael T. Hogan, PLLC Attorneys at Law
Address: 314 East Madison Street P.O. Box 1083, Ashland, KY 41230
Practice:Civil Practice; Trial Practice; Personal Injury; Insurance; Real Estate; Banking Law; Mortgage Foreclosure; Creditors Rights; Corporate Representation; Estate Planning; Wills; Probate; Family Law; Domestic Relations; Coal; Oil And Gas Law.
Establish Year:

Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC
Address: 325 Eighth Street, Ashland, KY 25701
Practice:General Business; Labor And Employment; Employment Law; Civil Litigation Practice; Corporate Law; Business Practice Includes General Business Counseling; Formation Of Business Entities; Contracts; Commercial Law; Purchase Or Sale Of Businesses; Business Assets; Mergers And Acquisitions; Banking Law; Bankruptcy; Creditors Rights; Health Care; Condemnation; Real Estate; Probate; Taxation; Estate Planning; Employment Law Practice Includes General Labor; Employment Law Counseling; Labor Negotiations; Arbitration; Workers' Compensation; Other Employment-Related Administrative Civil Litigation; State Government Law; Federal Practice; Trial Practice; Appellate Includes Commercial Litigation; Personal Injury; Wrongful Death; Deliberate Intent; Products Liability; Medical Law; Professional Malpractice; Toxic Torts; Insurance Defense; Insurance Coverage; Automobile Warranty; Fidelity And Surety; Tax Litigation; ERISA; Construction Litigation; Premises Liability Defense.
Establish Year:

Holbrook and Pitt, LLLP
Address: 1505 Carter Avenue, Suite 202, Ashland, KY 41101
Practice:General Civil Practice. Corporation, Real Estate, Trusts, Wills, Probate. Trials and Appeals in all Courts.
Establish Year:

Gray, Woods & Cooper
Address: 510 16th Street, Ashland, KY 41105-0070
Practice:Corporate Law, Real Estate, Banks And Banking, Insurance Law, Collections, Foreclosures, Asbestos Litigation, Trusts And Estates, Contracts, Civil Litigation, Trial Practice, Mediation, Probate, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Products Liability, Appellate Practice, Business Law, Administrative Law, Litigation, Federal Litigation, Defense Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Zoning, Planning and Land Use, Administrative Adjudications, Administrative Agency Practice, Administrative Hearings and Appeals, Administrative Litigation, Judicial Review, Civil Appeals, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Collections, Commercial Foreclosure, Bank Collections, Bank Foreclosures, Banking Litigation, Secured Lending, Business Litigation, Business Torts, Business Transactions, Federal Civil Practice, Civil Practice, Commercial Collections, Garnishments, Post Judgment Collections, Secured Collections, Unsecured Collections, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Torts, Commercial Transactions, Secured Transactions, Uniform Commercial Code, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions, Commercial Real Estate Contracts, Commercial Real Estate Foreclosure, Commercial Real Estate Litigation, Commercial Real Estate Sales, Construction Law, Construction Accidents, Construction and Design Law, Construction Claims, Construction Contracts, Construction Defects, Construction Equipment Liability, Construction Insurance Defense, Construction Insurance, Construction Liability, Construction Liens, Construction Litigation, Construction Products Liability, Contractor Performance Bonds, Contractors Liability, Materialmens Liens, Mechanics Liens, Breach of Contract, Commercial Contracts, Contract Litigation, Corporate Banking Law, Corporate Commercial Law, Corporate Contracts, Corporate Insurance Defense, Corporate Insurance, Corporate Litigation, Corporate Real Estate, Debtor and Creditor, Creditors Rights, Creditors Rights in Bankruptcy, Debtor and Creditor Collections, Debtor and Creditor Rights, Secured Creditors Rights, Unsecured Creditors Rights, Environmental Law, Family Law, Divorce, General Practice, Federal Practice, Housing Law, Public Housing, Insurance, Accident Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Automobile Insurance Coverage, Automobile Liability, Casualty Insurance, Casualty Insurance Subrogation, Commercial Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Fire Insurance, Fire Loss, General Liability, Indemnity, Insurance Bad Faith, Insurance Contracts, Insurance Coverage, Insurance Litigation, Personal Liability, Property Damage, Property Insurance, Property Insurance Coverage, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Arbitration, Insurance Defense, Automobile Insurance Defense, Automobile Liability Defense, Casualty Insurance Defense, Commercial Insurance Defense, General Liability Defense, Insurance Bad Faith Defense, Insurance Coverage Defense, Insurance Defense Subrogation, Personal Liability Defense, Property Damage Defense, Property Insurance Defense, Leases and Leasing, Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law, Commercial Leasing, Evictions, Landlord and Tenant Law, Lease Terminations, Office Leasing, Retail Leasing, Unlawful Detainer, Federal Civil Litigation, Long-Arm Litigation, Failure to Diagnose, Medical Liability, Medical Malpractice Defense, Medical Negligence, Medication Errors, Surgeons Liability, Mortgage Law, Commercial Mortgages, Mortgage Banking Law, Mortgage Bankruptcy, Mortgage Foreclosure, Mortgage Lien Foreclosure, Negligence, Negligence Defense, Automobile Accidents and Injuries, Automobile Negligence, Accidents, Bodily Injury, Commercial Vehicle Liability, Pedestrian Injuries, Personal Injury Defense, Personal Injury Mediation, Plaintiffs Personal Injury, Slip and Fall, Wrongful Death, Premises Liability, Ancillary Probate, Probate Administration, Probate Litigation, Breach of Warranty, Drug and Medical Device Litigation, Engineering Products Liability, Heavy Equipment Pro
Establish Year:1957

Gordon J. Dill, P.S.C.
Address: 1527 Central Avenue, Ashland, KY 41105-2259
Practice:General Trial Practice, Personal Injury, Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Slip And Fall, Medical Malpractice, Employment Law, Products Liability, Domestic Relations, Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Establish Year:

Farrell, White and Legg PLLC
Address: The Farrell Building 914 Fifth Avenue P.O. Box 6457, Ashland, KY 25772
Practice:Product Liability; Medical Malpractice Defense; Class Actions; Healthcare Law; Workers Compensation Defense; Business Litigation; Legal Malpractice; Insurance Coverage; Insurance Bad Faith; Employment Law; Disciplinary Board Representation; Privileges; Mediation; Credentialing Disputes; Hipaa Compliance; False Claims Act; Qui Tam Actions; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Education Law; Toxic Torts; Appellate Practice; General Tort Liability Claim; Occupational Safety And Health; Criminal Defense; Mass Panel Litigation; Fidelity And Surety; Nursing Home Litigation; Fraud; Abuse; Automobile Litigation; Anti-Trust Litigation.
Establish Year:

Wilson, Stavros & Rowsey
Address: 1916 Carter Ave., Ashland, KY 41105-0807
Practice:General Civil Practice, Insurance, Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Coal, Mineral Law, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Probate, Corporate Law, Social Security Disability, Admiralty Law, Trial Practice
Establish Year:

Williams & Vigor Attorneys
Address: 207 Sixteenth Street, Suite 501, Ashland, KY 41105-1239
Practice:Probate, Trust Law, Estates, Real Estate, Tax Law, Corporation Law
Establish Year:

William M. Mizell Attorney at Law
Address: , Ashland, KY 41105
Establish Year:

Thomas M. Howe
Address: 1009 Carter Ave., Ashland, KY 41101
Practice:General Practice, Negligence, Probate, Real Estate, Corporation, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, Insurance Law, Trials.
Establish Year:

Rose Short & Pitt
Address: 1544 Winchester Ave., Ste. 1117, Ashland, KY 41105-1777
Establish Year:

Pauley Curry, PLLC
Address: 1505 Carter Avenue, Suite 300, Ashland, KY 41101
Practice:Medical Malpractice, Health Care, Birth Trauma, Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice, Failure to Diagnose, Gynecology Malpractice, Medical Liability, Medical Negligence, Medical-Legal Law, Medication Errors, Nursing Liability, Nursing Malpractice, Nursing Negligence, Obstetric Malpractice, Oncology Law, Orthopedic Malpractice, Pediatric Malpractice, Pharmacists Liability, Optometric Malpractice, Physicians Professional Liability, Psychiatric Malpractice, Surgeons Liability, Wrong Site Surgery, Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injury, Spinal Injury, Wrongful Death, Drug and Medical Device Litigation, Industrial Products Liability
Establish Year:1963

Michael R. Dowling
Address: 433 16th St., Ashland, KY 41101
Practice:General Practice, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Administrative, Probate Law, Trials and Appeals, Social Security.
Establish Year:

Michael J. Curtis
Address: 1544 Winchester Ave., Ashland, KY 41105
Practice:Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation Practice, Personal Injury, Domestic Relations, Criminal Law
Establish Year:

McGinnis Leslie, PLLC
Address: 1608 Carter Ave., Ashland, KY 41101
Practice:Probate, Railroad Law, Corporation Law, Personal Injury, Family and Domestic, General Trial Practice, Medical Negligence, Entertainment Law, Real Estate Transactions, Wills, Business Law, Collections, Criminal Law, Eminent Domain, Social Security Disability, Jones Act, Family Law, Property Law, Employment Law, Banking Law, Insurance Defense
Establish Year:1964

Mary Hall Sergent, P.S.C.
Address: 1824 Carter Ave., Ashland, KY 41105-0945
Establish Year:

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