Law Firms near Boulder, Colorado

Klein | Frank, P.C.
Address: 2505 Walnut Street, Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80302
Practice:Severe Injuries, Spinal Injuries, Brain Injuries, Burn Injuries, Paralysis, Quadriplegia, Wrongful Death, Transportation/ Recreational Accidents, Car Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, Ski Accidents, Claims for Death Losses, Defective Products, Defective Medical Products, Defective Hip and Knee Implants, Defective Children's Products, Defective Home Products, Defective Gas Cans, Defective Equipment, Defective Auto Design, Defective LASIK Lasers, Defective Drugs, Human Trafficking Claims, Damages for Human Trafficking, Internet Trafficking, Policy Consultations, Trial Training Skills Workshops
Establish Year:1992

Richard E. Hopper, Jr. Attorney and Counselor at Law
Address: 4450 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80303
Practice:Trusts and Estates; Trusts And Estates; Wills; Probate; Business Law; Business Formation; Limited Liability Company Law; Commercial Law; Residential Real Estate; Contracts; Estate And Gift Taxation; Elder Law; Personal Injury; Slip And Fall; Estate Planning; Trust Law; Trust Administration; Powers of Attorney; Living Trusts; Estate Administration; Contested Trusts and Estates; Trust Planning; Estate Settlements; Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); Contested Wills; Inheritance; Living Wills; Successions; Pet Trusts; Advance Directives; Guardianship; Probate Taxation; Probate Administration; Real Estate; Residential Real Estate Sales; Real Estate Contracts; Real Estate Title; Real Estate Mediation; Real Estate Sales; Real Estate Acquisitions; Eminent Domain; Boundary Disputes; Easements; Commercial Leasing; Commercial Real Estate Sales; Business Mediation; Business Transactions; Buy-Sell Agreements; Closely Held Business Law; Buying and Selling of Businesses; Limited Partnerships; Nonprofit Corporations.
Establish Year:1987

Harding and Associates, P.C.
Address: 730 17th Street, Suite 650, Boulder, CO 80202
Practice:Personal Injury & Defects; Employment & Corporate Law; Personal Injury; Accidents; Automobile Accidents; Automobile Negligence; Bicycle Accidents; Boating Accidents; Bodily Injury; Brain Injury; Bus Accidents; Catastrophic Injury; Head Injury; Motor Vehicle Accidents; Motorcycle Accidents; Pedestrian Injuries; Plaintiffs Personal Injury; School Bus Accidents; Spinal Injury; Whiplash; Wrongful Death; Construction Defects; Criminal Law; DUI/DWI; Felonies; Misdemeanors; Labor and Employment; Sexual Harassment; Social Security; Social Security Appeals; Social Security Disability; Corporate Representation; Corporate Law; Appellate Practice; Premises Liability; Dram Shop Liability.
Establish Year:

The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez
Address: Penthouse North 720 S. Colorado Boulevard, Boulder, CO 80246
Practice:Criminal Defense; DUI; Domestic Violence; Property Crimes; Juvenile Crimes; Sex Crimes; Record Sealing; Protection Orders; Felonies; Assault & Violent Crimes; Fraud & White Collar Crimes.
Establish Year:

The Savela Law Firm, P.C.
Address: 250 Arapahoe Ave., Ste. 301, Boulder, CO 80302-5838
Practice:Criminal Law, Drug Crimes, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Sexual Assault, Automobile Accidents and Injuries, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Domestic Violence, Assaults, DUI/DWI, Wrongful Death, Sexual Abuse
Establish Year:2002

Paul Drew Stuber, Attorney At Law
Address: 2322 Vineyard Place, Boulder, CO 80304
Practice:General Practice, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Arbitration, Bankruptcy Chapter 7, Bankruptcy Chapter 13, Bankruptcy Collections, Bankruptcy Mediation, Bankruptcy Reorganization, Commercial Bankruptcy, Commercial Foreclosure, Commercial Insolvency, Commercial Recovery, Consumer Bankruptcy, Debt Relief, Debtor Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, Insolvency, Liquidations, Out of Court Debt Restructuring, Personal Bankruptcy, Pre-Bankruptcy Workouts, Receivership, Repossessions, Criminal Law, Criminal Defense, Drivers License Suspension, Driving While Intoxicated, DUI/DWI, Hit and Run, Misdemeanors, Traffic Violations, Debtor and Creditor, Debtor and Creditor Collections, Debtor and Creditor Remedies, Debtor and Creditor Reorganization, Debtor and Creditor Rights, Debtor and Creditor Workouts, Debtors Rights, Probate, Trusts and Estates, Decedents Estates, Estate Bankruptcy, Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Family Trusts, Living Trusts, Pet Trusts, Trust Administration, Trust Planning, Wills, Inheritance, Living Wills, Successions
Establish Year:1982

Gersh and Thomaidis, LLC
Address: 1860 Blake Street, Suite 400, Boulder, CO 80202
Practice:General Practice; Complex Commercial Litigation; Complex Business Litigation; Securities Law; FINRA Arbitration; Securities Fraud; Securities Fraud Arbitration; Securities Fraud Class Actions; Securities Litigation; Ponzi Schemes; Nonprofit Organizations Law; Investment Fraud; Employment Litigation; Corporate Law.
Establish Year:

Cederberg Law Firm, P.C.
Address: 1200 28th Street, Suite 302, Boulder, CO 80303
Practice:Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Automobile Accidents And Injuries, Truck Accidents, Products Liability, Defects, Legal Malpractice, Insurance Bad Faith, Complex Negligence, Explosions, Disability Insurance Claims, Severe Burns, Brain, Spinal Injury, Premises Liability, Homeowners' Insurance Claims, Disputes
Establish Year:

Gibbs Young LLC
Address: 1760 Gaylord Street, Boulder, CO 80206
Practice:Commercial Litigation; Civil Practice; Construction Litigation; Insurance Defense.
Establish Year:

Daggett Law Firm
Address: 1551 Larimer Street, Suite 1403, Boulder, CO 80302
Practice:Environmental Law; Litigation; Toxic Torts; Property Contamination.
Establish Year:

Gary B. Pulitzer, PC
Address: 4465 Kipling Street, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80033
Practice:Divorce; Family Law; Custody; Child Support; Post Decree Modifications; Allocation of Parental Responsibility; Paternity & Juvenile Law; Contempt of Court; Alimony; Annulment; Community Property Law; Divorce Arbitration; Divorce Mediation; Domestic Relations; Family Arbitration; Family Mediation; Legal Separation; Legal Separation Agreements; Marital Agreements; Marital Property Distribution; Marital Property Law; Marital Property Settlements; Matrimonial Law; Military Divorce; No Fault Divorce; Paternity; Post Divorce Modification; Postnuptial Agreements; Premarital Agreements; Restraining Orders; Spousal Support; Uncontested Divorce; Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs).
Establish Year:

Flatiron Legal Advisors LLC
Address: 2033 11th Street, Suite 6, Boulder, CO 80302
Practice:Family Law; Divorce; Legal Separation; Domestic Partnerships; Child Custody/Visitation; Child Support; Spousal Maintenance; Domestic Violence; Property Distribution; Child Law; Child Custody; Visitation; Child Support Disputes; Will and Trust Law; Marriage and Divorce Law; Probate Law; Business Law; Real Estate Law; Mediation Law; Adoption Law; Wills; Contested Wills; Inheritance; Living Wills; Missing Heir Searches; Successions; Mediation; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration; Collaborative Law; Business Formation; Business Mediation.
Establish Year:

Susan Morath Horner, P.C., LawBridge International
Address: 1942 Broadway, Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80302
Practice:International Asset Protection; Adoption Law; Child Abduction; International Adoptions; International Child Abduction; Interstate Adoptions; Foreign Asset Control; Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; Hague Convention Proceedings; International Comparative Law; International Conflict of Laws; International Treaty Law; Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations; International Probate; Ancillary Probate; Contested Trusts and Estates; Decedents Estates; Estate Administration; Estate Planning; Family Trusts; Family Wealth Transfer; Fiduciary Law; International Estate Planning; International Trusts and Estates; Living Trusts; Pet Trusts; Powers of Attorney; Trust Law; Wealth Planning; Wills; Inheritance.
Establish Year:1996

Carol Glassman, P.C.
Address: 1881 9th Street, Suite 305, Boulder, CO 80302-5170
Practice:Family Law, Child Support, Child Custody, Alimony, Separation Agreements, Visitation Rights, Maintenance, Premarital Agreements, Divorce, Post Divorce Matters
Establish Year:

Thomas P. Howard, LLC
Address: 842 West South Boulder Road, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80027
Practice:Intellectual Property Litigation; Copyright Litigation; Copyright Infringement; Trademark Litigation; Trademark Infringement; Patent Litigation; Patent Infringement; Intellectual Property Licensing; Trademark Registration; Copyright Registration; Complex Commercial Litigation; Antitrust; Deceptive Trade Practices; Unfair Trade; Appellate Practice; Civil Appeals; Computer Contracts; Computer Law; Computer Software Law; Information Technology Contracts; Information Technology Licensing; Software Copyright; Software Licensing; Civil Practice; Federal Civil Practice; Breach of Contract; Commercial Contracts; Contract Fraud; Contract Litigation; Copyright Licensing; Copyright Prosecution; Copyright Protection; Civil Fraud; Fraud; Intellectual Property Infringement; Intellectual Property Enforcement; Intellectual Property Prosecution; Internet Intellectual Property; Cybersquatting; Domain Name Infringement; Domain Names; Internet Litigation; Defamation; Libel and Slander; Civil Litigation; Complex Litigation; Defense Litigation; Federal Civil Litigation; Trade Secrets; Theft of Trade Secrets; Trade Secret Misappropriation; Trademarks; Counterfeiting; Lanham Act; Service Marks; Trade Dress; Trade Names; Trademark Licensing; Trademark Prosecution; Trademark Protection; Technology Licensing; Technology Transfers; Unfair Competition.
Establish Year:

The Moorhead Law Group
Address: 1650 38th Street, Suite 201E, Boulder, CO 80301
Practice:Criminal Law, Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI, DWAI, Drivers License Suspensions, Drug Crimes, Sexual Assault, Misdemeanors, Homicide, Juvenile Law, Parole, Probation Violations, Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders, Assault and Battery, Bribery, Burglary, Capital Offenses, Civil Forfeiture, Crime Victims Compensation, Criminal Antitrust, Criminal Appeals, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Forfeiture, Criminal Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Prosecution, Death Penalty, Drivers License Suspension, Driving While Intoxicated, Electronic Surveillance, Expungements, Extortion, Extradition, Federal Criminal Law, Forgery, Hit and Run, Juvenile Criminal Law, Juvenile Delinquency, Mail Fraud, Malicious Prosecution, Manslaughter, Money Laundering, Murder, Parole and Probation, Post-Conviction Remedies, Search and Seizure, Sex Crimes, Shoplifting, Stalking, Theft, Traffic Violations, Vehicular Homicide, Victims Rights, Weapons Charges, Wire Fraud, Wiretapping, Civil Drug Forfeiture, Controlled Substances Law, Drug Forfeiture, Drug Trafficking, Drugs and Narcotics, Identity Theft, Fraud, Fraud and Deceit, Embezzlement, White Collar Criminal Defense, White Collar Fraud, White Collar Crime, Alcoholic Beverage Law, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Chapter 11, Bankruptcy Chapter 12, Bankruptcy Chapter 13, Bankruptcy Chapter 7, Personal Bankruptcy
Establish Year:2005

The Savela Law Firm, P.C.
Address: 250 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 301, Boulder, CO 80302
Practice:Medical Marijuana; Medical Hashish; DUI; Domestic Violence; Sexual Assault.
Establish Year:2002

Packard and Dierking, LLC
Address: WaterStreet, 2595 Canyon Boulevard, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80302
Practice:Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, Leases And Leasing, Real Estate Exchanges, Zoning Law, Planning Law, Land Use, Business Transactions, Entity Formation, Corporate Law, Environmental Law, Tax Law, Estate Planning, Conservation Law, Intellectual Property, New Markets Tax Credits, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions, Commercial Real Estate Finance, Commercial Real Estate Contracts, Commercial Real Estate Sales, Commercial Conveyancing, 1031 Exchanges, Zoning, Planning and Land Use, Business Formation, Business Law, Limited Liability Company Law, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Trademarks, Trademark Registration, Trust Law, Powers of Attorney, Wealth Preservation, Trusts and Estates, Wills, Advance Directives, Tax Planning, International Law, Emerging Business Law, Commercial Transactions, Common Interest Community Law, Uniform Commercial Code, Warranty Law, Franchise Law, Eminent Domain, Mortgage Law, Commercial Leasing., Intellectual Property Licensing, Trade Secrets, Trademark Licensing, Copyrights, Copyright Protection, Copyright Licensing, Taxation, Corporate Finance, Corporate Formation, Conservation Easements, Tax Credits, Living Wills, Charitable Giving, Like Kind Exchanges, Land Entitlement, Real Estate Development, Commercial Real Estate Development, Real Property, Real Property Acquisitions, Real Property Development, Real Property Finance, Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Trademark Protection, Real Estate Acquisitions, Construction Law, Leasing, Retail Leasing, Land Annexation, Rezoning, Planned Unit Development Law, Subdivisions, Employment Law
Establish Year:2004

Parker Lipman LLP
Address: 2300 15th Street, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80202
Practice:Serious Personal Injury; Motor Vehicle Collisions; Medical Malpractice; Ski Accidents; Wrongful Death; Pediatric Injuries; Brain / Spinal Cord Injuries; Products Liability; Property Damage or Loss; Insurance Bad Faith.
Establish Year:

The Bagley Law Firm
Address: 630 15th Avenue, Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80501
Practice:Formation of New Business Entities; Separation Agreements; Financial Discovery and Analysis; Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage); Family Law; Division of Property; Paternity; Adoption Law; Child Custody and Child Support; Alimony and Maintenance; Legal Separation; Litigation in Trial Courts; Negotiated Settlements; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Premarital and Postnuptial Agreements; Small Business Matters; Entrepreneurship; Ownership and Control Agreements; Contract Drafting and Review; Business Operating Issues; Business Valuation and Appraisal; Sell-Side Representation; Mergers and Acquisitions; Due Diligence; Negotiation of Deal Terms; Litigation; Dispute Resolution and Mediation; Fiduciary and Executive Malfeasance; Real Estate; Business Law; Personal Injury; Auto Accidents; Insurance Company Claims; Negligence; Personal and Workplace Injury; Medical and Attorney Malpractice; Product Liability; Wrongful Death; Elder and Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect; Buy-Side Representation; Wills and Trusts; Estate Planning; Criminal Law; Misdemeanors; Felonies; Traffic Offenses; DUI and DWAI; Homicide; White Collar Crimes; Manslaughter; Environmental Violations; Probation Violation; Fraud; Narcotics and Drug Related Offenses; Restraining Orders; Domestic Violence; Juvenile Crime; Theft and Robbery; Illegal Search and Seizures.
Establish Year:

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