medical malpractice Lawyers in california by Major City

Los Angeles(256)San Diego(181)San Francisco(112)Sacramento(99)Irvine(61)
Fresno(45)Oakland(44)Walnut Creek(39)Newport Beach(38)Santa Ana(37)
Glendale(37)Riverside(35)Pasadena(35)Long Beach(31)San Jose(31)
Woodland Hills(27)Beverly Hills(27)Stockton(26)Santa Barbara(20)Burbank(19)
Tustin(17)Santa Monica(17)Torrance(15)Sherman Oaks(14)Encino(14)
Carlsbad(13)Orange(12)Oxnard(12)San Rafael(12)Ventura(11)
Bakersfield(10)San Luis Obispo(10)Ontario(10)Costa Mesa(10)Westlake Village(10)
Modesto(9)Folsom(9)Calabasas(9)Indian Wells(8)Redding(7)

Note: Lawyers in the United States are required to be licensed to practice law in specific states, for example, california. Most lawyers are licensed to practice law in one or two state. Very few of them are licensed to practice in all states. It is very importnat that the lawyers you contact are members of American Bar Association (ABA) and licensed to practice law in california. You can find an attorney's licensing information by contacting licensing authority in california or california Bar Association.

The above table lists the top 40 major cities in california with largest number of medical malpractice lawyers, sorted by number of lawyers. If the city you want to browse is at california, but does not appear on above the list, please Search Lawyers by location and practice areas.. © 2012-2024 | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Contact Us | About Us