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Greg S. Zucker, Senior Partner Attorney
Commercial Litigation; ERISA; Intellectual Property Litigation; Appellate Practice
Address: 1201 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556
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- Sarah Currie Fountain DOB 1/18/.1985 is wiretapping my home and having sex with Scott Armstron- - - - 8/2/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Sarah Currie Fountain is wiretapping my home & having sex with Scott Armstron- & her boyfriend. I am on disability. She is reporting this is her "job": & that Westerman Law is not going to report her; that John Westerman has a policy that he doesn't report his clients. I am planning to sue Westerman Law. She is abusing me so badly because I found out that Stericyl-- has illegal webcams and audio in their computer stands and I was wrongly taken to Court by Westerman Law when they knew that the people stalking me was the Company they represent and low class dirty Sarah Currie Fountain who reports very proudly that she is a "Contract Killer" & Westerman Law is aware and that due to their policy they are not ever going to report her. Is that why they never reported her November 6 2019 when she tried to kill me by hacking my brakes & she broke my foot; I survived due to my airbags and they can't deny this bc I have this low class animal on audio admitting it all. What a horrible law Firm

- Sarah Currie Fountain of Albany is Abusing Disabled People and Westerman Law is allowing this for Scott Armstron- - - - 8/1/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Sarah Currie Fountain residing at 911 Central Avenue Suite 24 in Albany NY 12206 DOB 1/18/1985 who is an active client of Westerman Law for several yrs, again hacked my car yesterday; her direct attorney Philip Campisi is fully aware of it. This Firm is aware she did the same thing in November 2019 & broke my foot through tampering with my brakes. They did not report her for any of these heinous crimes-again yesterday she hacked my car again. I have her on audio admitting proudly she hacked my car so nobody can deny it. She is actively & has been stalking me for Scott Armstron- for 4 years electronically since I found out the Company he works for has illegal cameras and audio components hidden in the computer stands placed there by him. He is the I.T. Manager there. Since then he has been paying her $800 per Sarah Fountain direct quote to stalk/harass me electronically as whistle blower retaliation because I found out. This Firm took me to Ct wrongly to cover it up. Completely illegal

- Is not following the NY State Bar Laws - - - 7/18/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Why won't Westerman Law comprised of over 30 Lawyers Deal with Mike, Scott, and the other clients that are abusing a disabled person 24/7 in shifts? They are NOT following the Rules of the NY State Bar. This Law Firm committed perjury big time and wrongly took an innocent victim to Court knowing I was on disability and I was just trying to get help from the Company due to the Company employees Scott and Mike harassing and stalking me electronically 24/7 on the clock. They had the nerve to lie and say it is not the Company doing anything to me when they DID IT TO MY FACE AT THE OFFICE. The employee Mike M. works for the Rotterdam office as a SUPERVISOR and I was on medical leave at the time and I did not know the last name and accidently got his last name wrong but all the FACTS WERE 110% CORRECT AND THIS LAW FIRM KNOWS IT AND SO DOES THE DISHONEST HUMAN RESOURCES FROM THE CORPORATE OFFICE WHO WAS TOLD BY THE NICE CARING COMPANY CEO AND THE KIND CORPORATE SENIOR VP TO HELP ME. (NOBODY IN THE COMPANY CORPORATE OFC HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS-IT IS THE HUMAN RESOURCES OF CORPORATE AND THE LOCAL OFFICE WHO KEPT IT FROM THEM WITH THE LAW FIRM.). The Law Firm knew exactly who I was speaking about and they wrongly took me to Court and then advised the local HR to file a false charge against me as per the Local HR Craig's exact words on the supporting deposition. The charge was so false-so black and white false it was dropped,dismissed, and sealed within a few months. Yet this law Firm used the false charge not even 2 weeks after Craig filed it, to get a permanent injunction against me to keep me away from the people in the Company who care-Corporate (the Human Resource person aside who did wrong by me). Now I am being tortured worse than ever for 3 years on a 24/7 basis by these animals. They will not stop and they are doing extremely dangerous things to me like hacking my car by hooking it up to bluetooth with an IP Address, stalking me 24/7 in shifts, giving my information out to strangers who have followed me on the road and in person on foot, illegally hacked all my accounts and given out my HIPAA information, and they are letting Mike the SUPERVISOR and his trashy gang girlfriend Sarah from Albany on Madison Avenue sexually abuse me by playing their sex lyrics on my devices 24/7 on my phone and other devices as they wiretap-also highly illegally. They are not even letting me sleep putting me at risk of falling asleep during the day. This is all so sick and illegal and a violation of NY State Penal Law 250.25. What excuse can anyone given for any or all of this and this is just a small portion of the crimes these above clients are inflicting on me 24/7. By the way, I never met Sarah or Mike yet they have been torturing me 24/7,inducing suicide-in which sorry I will never kill myself for anyone and spending all their time electronically harassing me in shifts with Scott and God knows how many other employees this sick Corporate HR is paying. How can this Law Firm say they help people on disability. I do not have to be their client for them to follow the law.

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